Religious Education Announcements:

Posted on March 5, 2020

Religious Education: is God calling you?  Each year in the months of August and September, parishioners of all stripes come forward to serve God and ST. MARK’s children as catechists, co-catechists, substitute catechists, child care providers, and office helpers.



1st and 7th Grade Parents: Sacramental Requirements.

ST. MARK has a two-year education requirement for all students seeking to receive PENANCE, EUCHARIST, and CONFIRMATION with their peer group. Students must participate either in a Catholic School or in the religious education program for two years prior to receiving the sacraments (eg: 1st and 2nd grade or 7th and 8th grade). If the student is home schooled or attends a Catholic school other than ST. MARK CATHOLIC SCHOOL, the parish religious education office must be aware of the situation during their 1st year of preparation.

Please contact Jean Lupinacci or Sarah Lundquist in the Religious Education Office if you have any questions on requirements or serving. 703-938-1948 or
Jean Lupinacci:
Sarah Lundquist:





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