Are you an adult BAPTIZED Catholic over the age of 18 who desires to receive the Sacraments of  CONFIRMATION or EUCHARIST? The Office of Religious Education will be happy to assist you. In your initial conversation with Jean Lupinacci, the Director of Religious Education, you will have the opportunity to express your questions and have your concerns addressed. Contact the Religious Education office at 703-938-1948.

How Long Does the Preparation Take? 

Each person’s faith journey is unique. Therefore, reception of the Sacraments is determined on an individual basis beginning with an informal meeting with the Director of Religious Education (DRE). This initial meeting allows the DRE to get to know you by listening to your story to assess your needs. To begin, contact Jean in the Religious Education office at 703-938-1948 x1.

When Will I Be Confirmed? 

Confirmation of BAPTIZED Catholics takes place at the Cathedral of Thomas More each year on Pentecost Sunday.

Will I Need a Sponsor?

You will need a sponsor to journey with you toward reception of the Sacraments of CONFIRMATION  and/or EUCHARIST.  Your sponsor will not only accompany you along the way but plays an integral part in the ceremony itself.

Who Can I Have as My Sponsor? 

There is a close association between BAPTISM and CONFIRMATION. Therefore, the Church encourages if at all possible that one’s BAPTISMAL godparent also be one’s sponsor. The relationship between a godparent and their godchild, which began at BAPTISM, develops as a lifelong relationship with their godchild, which witnesses to a committed relationship with Jesus lived through prayer, sacramental participation, and service towards their neighbor.

If for some reason you want a different person other than your godparent to be your sponsor, the Church states that a CONFIRMATION sponsor meet the requirements below:

  • At least 16 years of age and sufficiently mature
  • Cannot be the parent of the one seeking CONFIRMATION
  • If married, their marriage is recognized by the Church
  • Participate in the life of their parish community through frequent reception of the sacraments
  • Live a life of moral commitment in loving service to others

Being a Sponsor or Godparent provides a more in-depth historical context of the explanation of these requirements.

What if I Don’t Have a Sponsor?

The community of ST. MARK has many faithful Catholics who would be more than happy to accompany you. The Director of Religious Education will be able to match you with a sponsor.

Senior High Youth Confirmation

For those who have youth in High School and desire to have their child CONFIRMED please contact Jean Lupinacci at 703-938-1948 x1.


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