RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

  •  Would you like to know more about Jesus?
  •  Do you desire a relationship with Jesus within a vibrant community of faith?
  •  Have you ever wondered what the Catholic Church is all about?
  •  Do you have questions regarding how to become Catholic?

ST. MARK is a vibrant Christian community of faith committed to Jesus Christ and His Church which welcomes your questions. We offer many ways to explore questions you may have. There is no obligation to become Catholic. We respect your free decision to come and inquire for as long as you like. To find out how, please simply contact the Director of Religious Education, Joe Flaherty, in the RE office at 703-938-1948 x1.  

What is the RCIA?

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a gradual process which allows adults who have either not been raised in any formal faith or are from other faith traditions, as well as those who have been baptized Catholic who have never been CONFIRMED or received EUCHARIST, to seek and encounter a deeper relationship with Jesus within the Catholic Church.

How Does the RCIA Process Help One Become Catholic?

Through participation in RCIA each person receives formation on how to live as a disciple of Jesus through a Catholic way of life within a specific faith community. The process includes exploring the Bible as well as Church teachings and traditions, participating in the prayer, rituals, and liturgies of the Catholic Church, forming relationships within the community, and developing an ever-deepening personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

What if I Want to Become Catholic? 

Each person expresses a willingness and desire to become Catholic differently. Your journey may take you to the initial inquiry stage or all the way through the formal stages involved in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults including reception of the Sacraments and integration in the life of the community. Journey to the Fullness of Christian Initiation within the Catholic Church outlines the formal process.  To begin your journey, contact the DRE, Joe Flaherty, at 703-938-1948 x1.

What if I Know Someone Who Wants to Become Catholic?

Thank you for building that relationship of trust with someone who has expressed an interest in wanting to know more about Catholicism or becoming Catholic! Simply put them in touch with the DRE, Joe Flaherty, at 703-938-1948 x1. 

When Can I Receive the Sacraments? 

Each person’s journey is unique. Therefore, reception of the Sacraments is determined on an individual basis beginning with an informal meeting with the Director of Religious Education (DRE). This initial meeting allows the DRE to get to know you by listening to your story to assess your needs. You will be able to ask questions too! To begin sharing your story, contact the DRE, Joe Flaherty, at 703-938-1948 x1.

I was Baptized Catholic but Was Not Confirmed and/or I Didn’t Receive Eucharist.

The Office of Religious Education will be happy to assist you in reception of the Sacraments of CONFIRMATION and EUCHARIST. In your initial conversation with the Director of Religious Education, Joe Flaherty, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and have your concerns addressed.



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