Children are normally prepared for the Sacraments of PENANCE and EUCHARIST in the 2nd grade. ST. MARK parish requires children to be enrolled in an RE program or a Catholic school for two years prior to receiving the sacraments with their peers (e.g., 1st and 2nd grade for FIRST PENANCE and FIRST EUCHARIST).

Weekly participation in the Sunday liturgy, modeling the faith in your home, expressing a willingness to continue to grow in your own faith, children’s attendance at faith formation sessions, engaging in parent/child workshops, and attentiveness at parental sessions all assist in preparing your child to receive the Sacraments. More information regarding the dates and times of the workshops and parental sessions will be provided as the year progresses.

It is especially important if you are seeking the sacrament of the EUCHARIST for your child that your family participate weekly in the Sunday liturgy. Instilling in your child the importance of regular Mass attendance and witnessing your faith in action will reinforce their desire to receive communion.

Parents of children in the 3rd grade and above are asked to contact the Director of Religious Education, Jean Lupinacci, at 703-938-1948 x1 in the Religious Education Office for more information on how to prepare their children to receive FIRST PENANCE and FIRST EUCHARIST.

Important Meeting Dates: First PENANCE and First EUCHARIST



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